Lifestyle subscription Life as a service

Tickets are for saying where you are trying to go, not that you have paid for a journey.

Life subscriptions are a set of statements that you can make about your life. Examples are:

Lifestyle shops

Imagine a shop that is like a library or a bookshop. In each section there are statements, brochures, offers, prospectuses of various lifestyles on offer. You pick up cards from the shelves and take them to the front of the shop, you then load them onto your account. Some will charge you at this time, most won’t.

Once you’ve loaded statements onto your lifestyle account, there’s an app that you must use. This application stores the above statements as tickets. Tickets are entitlements to things you can do in the world, using the app as the way of signing into it.

Living calendar

The app shows me a calendar. On this calendar is my life scheduled according to my tickets. I can ask the app to go fast or go slow on different tickets. There is more than one way to get what you want from your lifestyle. For example, there is many ways to become a musician. A community of people who are musicians and people with tickets to becoming musicians can probably produce excellent content (articles, blog posts, guides, maps, learning materials). For some subscription statements, there is corporate sponsorship and that means free things. Companies would rather invest in a lifestyle on the platform rather than advertising and marketing that costs and does not have a guaranteed return. Some statement subscriptions give you free things or a guaranteed restaurant table at your favourite restaurant. There’s a path to becoming or getting different things and they have a price tag.

Lifestyle feed

There is also a feed which is like Facebook, except it’s content produced as an outcome from your life statements. If you selected I want to win the lottery, then you would have lotteries advertising on your feed. The feed is designed to get you to where you are trying to go.

You use the app to access events, flights, buses, trains. You swipe entry with the app. Each month you are charged a mixture of per usage fee and monthly subscription based on your usage of tickets. People can prepare plans for the community: Go to X library, Get Y book, Go to X event in your local area next week. Practice X until you are at Y, Go to Z local musician school.

You can set a budget for each ticket or all tickets together, or even both at the same time. I don’t want to spend more than X annually on coffee.

I think credit cards should be used to load credits for things, so I would make it so credit cards are linked to your subscription account.